Adli Kafe

About Us

Adlikafe has started to work as a cafe that prioritizes originality, quality and respect in its current business, focuses on providing service in line with its principles and increases the level of quality, and has continued on its way by expanding its activities.

At Adlikafe

Today, with the increase in recreational and cultural areas, it is necessary to create a new and fresh project with interesting ideas in order to create a different value compared to other projects. Therefore, Adli cafe team prepares a complete package of this taste together with a team of Turkish chefs who specialize in cooking products, desserts and different snacks such as baklava, katmer and kunefe, using Turkish food culture and the original recipes of this country’s products. Food culture In addition to creating a bar, it brings together special hot and cold drinks and offers these products, creating a suitable environment for hosting its guests.

Adlikafe's present and future

The main goal of the Adlikafe team is to encourage respectful and friendly socializing while respecting social frameworks in their cafes; In addition, by observing all the mentioned points, we try to be a worthy host to our guests, something we try and implement every day.