Turkish King Delight (Lokum)

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درباره محصول

One of the delicious flavors of Turkish culture that is very popular and famous and has remained memorable as “Turkish Delight” is lokum. This traditional sweet is prepared with special and distinct flavors, and tourists frequently visit the large and old markets in Turkey to try it out abundantly. Lokum is one of the first choice among delights selected for special occasions. Lokum is made from starch and sugar, which in Ottoman times was also called “rahat al-hulqum,” and in ancient times, they used natural honey and molasses for its sweetness. Lokum has been a beloved confection of the Ottoman palace and was recognized in the 18th century in Europe as “Turkish delight.” With its abundant variety, lokum can satisfy your sweet tooth in the best possible way. These delicious sweets become guests at your snack times.